cPanel announced a new pricing structure last month which moves from a fixed price per server to charging based on the number of accounts on the server.
This new structure affects all existing licenses and comes into effect from 1st September 2019.

Per account licensing and license types

For clarity, the definition of an account is an account listed in cPanel & WHM, not a domain name. Suspended accounts count towards the account limit.

cPanel have also changed their license type names, VPS is now Cloud and Dedicated is now Metal.


New pricing for our customers

Package NameAccount LimitLicense TypeMonthly Price 
Admin 5 Cloud Only R309.00  
Pro 30 Cloud Only R470.00  
Premier 100 100 Cloud & Metal R700.00  
Should you require more than 100 accounts please contact us and we can provide a quote based on a fixed cost per 25 accounts over the 100 limits.

All existing licenses will be automatically converted in advance of your next billing date to the new pricing model.

Please advise us how many accounts you require on your VPS or server so we can allocate the correct license.

** Please note failing to update us before your next billing cycle we will allocate the "Admin" package to your account until we receive further instructions **

Thursday, August 1, 2019

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